Operator application information (Status: OPEN)

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Operator application information (Status: OPEN)

Post  Firetobbe on Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:24 pm

Open up a new thread Titled "Operator Application - <Name here>" with the following template filled out.

Before applying, please realize that as an operator, your main duty's will switch from building, to moderating chat, supporting and limiting the negative influences of griefers. We expect all our operators to show a high level of maturity and commitment. Failure to perform any of your duty's will result in your moderation status being removed.

[b]Join date:[/b]
[b]Forum Join date:[/b]
[b]Current rank:[/b]
[b]Reason for application:[/b]
[b]Why you should become an operator:[/b]
[b]Extra information:[/b]

Here is an example of a mediocre application, yours must look better than this, especially the reason you want to become an moderator.

Name: Tobias Karlsson (Firetobbe)
Age: 15
Location: Sweden
Timezone: GMT+1
Join date: 20 November 2010
Forum Join date: 1 December 2010
Current rank: recruit
Reason for application: The server needs more operators.
Why you should become an operator: I want to limit the negative influences of griefers.
Extra information: I'm the best.

We will review your application and respond in time. It is very likely you will be denied.
Do not badger FireX administration to review your application, or question us on why it was denied. That is for you to figure out yourself.

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