Reply for the nasty reaction on canter application for operator :)

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Reply for the nasty reaction on canter application for operator :)

Post  Rubenj2 on Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:01 am

First Point i don't think its fair what you are saying because if i go online in the 'for me' morning there is NEVER a superbuilder/operator/moderator online !
I taked this for proof today, if i need to i want to take everyday a photo like that in the morning:

Second Point i dont want protection for griefers for myself, i want them for the guests ! i want to help guests, and there are a lot of griefers in guestworlds, my first buildings are actually on guest 3 and i want to keep them clean from griefers.

Third Point If you can't trust me you need to say from the beginning i can't make an application sir, I taked a lot of time of my life to make this so just say when you can trust my.
And seriously, sgt_blackdude? can you better trust my if i make a better application? -,o

I am not angry i just think this reaction from sgt_blackdude is a little nasty. I surely accept the rejected.


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