HiqhRefleX´s application to be a Builder

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HiqhRefleX´s application to be a Builder

Post  xbBastidx.. on Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:10 am

Ingame name: HiqhRefleX
Server join date: 25.December.2010
Briefly describe all your creations: I created a Sports Car , a Soccer Stadium , a Chess Field and a Magic Cube...
What worlds are the creations on: Sports Car (guest4) ; Soccer Stadium (recruit and guest) ; Chees Field (guest4) ; Magic Cube (guest)
Where abouts can they be found?: They´re very big and mostly in the corners of the worlds...
Links to screenshots of the creation:

Names of players who helped contribute: !!JohnTravish!! [(quicknic97)] ; [(penisderpenise)]
What is your current rank in FireX?: recruit
For how long have you been that rank?: I´ve been recruit for 5 days
Extra (anything else you want to mention?): I or we (JohnTravish and I) are making lots of little things when we are bored and they look sometimes quite nice (like undergrounds)
Do you agree with our terms?: yes i agree with the terms Smile


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Re: HiqhRefleX´s application to be a Builder

Post  Firetobbe on Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:36 am



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