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All the rules

Post  Firetobbe on Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:04 pm

These rules are subject to change at any time, so please check back often. Using common sense is the best way to avoid breaking them, however if you lack that, then read on.

Forum rules
  • No trolling.
  • No abusive behavior towards any members.
  • No posting of illegal content.
  • No spamming or double/triple posting - use edit!
  • An admins decision is final, do not dispute it.
  • Think before you act, don't post unless you are trying to contribute meaningfully.

Server rules
  • No griefing (destroying other players work).
  • No vulgar drawings.
  • No excessive swearing or abuse (swearing is "ok").
  • No harassing or abusive behavior to other users.
  • Hacks are allowed.
  • Be courteous, ask if you can help someone before working on someone else's creation.
  • Do not use bots without the permission of an operator or higher.

  • Do not post another topic in the applications forum if you have already one running.
  • Do not ask ingame for promotions, the forums is the only place, (except for recruit requests).
  • Read the application example in the applications forum to see how it has to look like.
  • We will not make an exception for you if we did this for someone else in any case.
  • Do not ask for SuperBuilder or Admin rights/rank, we will come to you if you qualify.
  • Do not make applications to other people.
  • You have to be a recruit for at least 2 days before you can become a builder.

Builder and world related
  • At the builders/recruits world we use 'Zero Tollerance' policy.

The FireX crew is not responsible for any damage or behavior of our members, we will try to work on a great community among Minecraft and other future projects.

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