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[Builder] Ewout112

Post  Ewout112 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:48 pm

Already gonna say it, English is not so good. Razz

Ingame name: Ewout112
Join date: 11 December. (or a few days before. Something like that. Twisted Evil )

Briefly describe all your creations: House's ( Near Huge Gun.), Helped on the Road, Red-white-Blue Flag Stat, Underground place. ( also near house.), Huge Car, Bus Stop. ( Is small thinghy.) and helped others whit creations.

What worlds are the creations on: Guest-Huge.
Links to screenshots of the creation: Non.
Names of players who helped contribute: V0idwalker, Andykid103
What is your current rank in FireX?: Recruit.
For how long have you been that rank?: Few Days now.

Extra (anything else you want to mention?): Soon I gonna build a Huge Mautin House in Guest-Huge.

Do you agree with our terms? ([http://firex.swedishforum.net/rules-f7/all-the-rules-t5.htm]Terms[/url]): Sure. lol!

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Re: [Builder] Ewout112

Post  Firetobbe on Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:28 am

Accepted. I like your buildings. Keep it up. Very Happy

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