request to be promoted to builder

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request to be promoted to builder

Post  personguy21 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:57 pm

(Title: [RECRUIT] <personguy21>)

Ingame name: personguy21
Server join date:around december
Briefly describe all your creations: I made a giant toilet, a liberary, a pool, a bank, a power plant (upgraded to solar), a parking garage, a court, a theatera, a public restroom, a nuciar reactor
What worlds are the creations on:the toilet is in guesthuge, the liberary is in guest and everything else recruitcity, but the nucliar reactor seems to have been deleted/griefed
Where abouts can they be found?: the toilet and liberary where deleted with everything else in guest and guesthuge, the power plant is in the corner of recruitcity, the pool is next to the power plant and river, the court is behind the spawn, the bank is behind the court, the parking garage is to the right of the spawn by the roundabout, the theater is across the street from the parking garage, the public restroom is right next to the parking garage.
Links to screenshots of the creation:XICONXAIX and sgt_blackdude have seen my creations
Names of players who helped contribute:bigpizza8 socal1000 firetobbe
What is your current rank in FireX?: recruit
For how long have you been that rank?:couple of weeks
Extra (anything else you want to mention?):
Do you agree with our terms?: yes


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Re: request to be promoted to builder

Post  Firetobbe on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:48 pm



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